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    Barack Obama promised to vacation on the oil-spill-beleaguered gulfcoast, but the first family is leaving soon for a short vacation at Mount Desert Island, Maine, and then in August, to Nantucket, the barbeque house of renown there I know not, but in Maine for the next few days, it will be Mainely Meat BBQ, where Obama and his team will be wolfing down that fine fare; Michelle no doubt requesting that the president mix in some vegetables, as Team Obama always hits the bbq houses (if available) wherever they go, from what I’ve read, but there sure is alot more great bbq on the gulfcoast, that is not the reason he broke his promise to vacation there, but obviously because of his disdain for the republicans of the South, so he hangs with the liberal elites on the northeast coast, where his heart is, not with the suffering people of the gulfcoast, this the man of hope and change.

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