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    Brazil was not named after a nut, it was named after the Breasil clan based near Galway, Ireland, there with a great ancient tradition of navigating, St. Brendan having sailed to the Americas to preach and teach for twenty years circa 800 a.d., so perhaps the clan name Breasil (Brazil) was the name begun to be used for the Amazon basin at that time, the Amazon having been named after the Amazonians who had come over circa 1200 b.c. from then vanishing Lake Tritonis of northern Libya, led by Meropa, namesake apparently of the Americos indians of the Caribbean (named after the Carians).

    During very ancient times (before 1500 b.c.), legend has it that the kingdom of Eire, Ireland, included lands far to the west, even to the Caribbean apparently, where the natives of the West Indies spoke of a time when the sea level was much lower, the time of the “great country of Eire,” yes indeed, a legendary tribal chief  having said that when the sea level began to rise (with the end of the Ice Age), if it continues, that they would all be consumed.  (The sea level rose about three feet per year for about a hundred years.) See http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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