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    Team Barack Obama jumped the gun in firing Shirley Sherrod, the president’s laconic white house staff foolishly didn’t listen to the whole tape (which is actually a story of her reconcilation with whites), so since Andrew Breitbart called the limited clip of her remarks at his website a case of black racism against whites (not presenting the clip in context), he can be accused of manufacturing racism when none was really there, but this aspect of the case will go all but unnoticed now, the big news being that  Team Obama jumped the gun for fear of Glenn Beck, to which Rush Limbaugh might say “he’s living in their heads rent free like me.”

    (But anti-white racism was evident when many of the NAACP audience listening to Sherrod just four months ago were chuckling about her racism from twenty five years ago, as if they still approve of that modus operandi, the reason Breitbart felt free to play the limited clip I guess, those the lead folk of the NAACP.)

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