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    Karl Rove has seen the light and will now raise funds for his issue advocacy ads under a 501c3 tax free status, like giving to a charity, because these ads under 501c3 status would be educational (in a manner of speaking), much like strange George Soros’ efforts for the progressives, who advocate for expensive energy alternatives which feeds money into his troves under the guise of science, Al Gore’s kind of science ‘though (who recently bought an expensive oceanfront property on the coast of the supposedly rising world ocean), so for Rove to scientifically criticize Obama’s efforts in the Gulf of Mexico would certainly be factually merited, and such will be the thrust of Rove’s efforts with these now 501c3 funded ads, the donors to which can now remain anonymous.

    So why not use 501c3 status advocacy ads for school choice, using science as the predicate?  Sarah Palin appearing in the ads, explaining the long contemporaneous history of humans and “dinosaurs” (see chapter 1 of the free ebook download of my first book Old Earth? Why Not!), this would certainly bring attention to the biblical alternative to darwinism which many knowlegable americans crave would be taught their kids, perhaps half the families in America would like both theories taught, which does not happen in the public schools, so of what are they afraid?  Their clear fear to compare these models with intellectual honesty speaks volumes, and so, we certainly need the preachers in the pulpits speaking out on this, so where are they now, hiding with the darwinists?  Say it ain’t so!  (See http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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