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    The earliest documented language groups are biblical, such aramaic, kushitic, pelasgic, canaanitic (phoenician), and hebraic, but which was first?  And since darwinists say languages have been spoken for fifty thousand years, the question to them is, what preceded the biblical languages (there’s a gap there of over forty thousand years) if there really were any which preceded those spoken by the tribes listed in Genesis 10?  You’d more than likely hear the crickets chirping in wait of a cogent answer to that question, try it, but be prepared for the silence, or the door closing behind them.

    The semitic alphabet was spread far and wide by the phoenicians who spoke and wrote the canaanite language, but for their writing used the semitic alphabet of the hebrews, known by that name since the time of Eber (five generations after Noah), and before that, nameless, except that they were of the line of Noah through Shem, and before that, of the line of preflood patriarchs who brought forth the word in Genesis, which means origins, because “these are the generations of…..,” written eleven times in Genesis means these are the origins of…., the history before the people cited, recorded by those people retrospectively, see article #13 at http://GenesisVeracity.com, and ask your favorite linguist about it.

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