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    Federal Judge Susan Bolton Decision Unlawful Sanctuary Cities Municipal Laws Violate Federal Illegal Immigration Legislation Ruling Injunction Arizona Undocumented Foreign Aliens International Border Control Enforcement Governor Jan Brewer Lawsuit Brought Ruling Sanctury City Illegality Contradiction Violations Federal Statutes

    Did you know that federal judge Susan Bolton, ruling on Arizona’s illegal immigration law today, says that sanctuary city policies for illegal aliens, such as practiced in Houston and San Francisco, are certainly in violation of federal immgration law?  So the federal legal precedent is there now to sue these municipalities which operate as “sanctuary cities,” the door wide open thanks to president Clinton’s judicial appointee Bolton, which will come back to bite the democrats, as now “sanctuary cities” are officailly illegal, awaiting an avalanche of lawsuits for sure, to stop that nonsense which saps our systems.

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