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    Did you ever wonder why the mayans say this fourth sun of their cosmic time began at 3114 b.c.?  Plato’s Great Year, the precession cycle, is 25,920 years, so the mayans subdivided that number by five (the number of suns of time in their cosmic scheme), counting back 5,125 years from the unusual astronomical alignment date in the future at 2012 a.d. (back to 3114 b.c.), the same formula for this hindu kali yuga of time; so it certainly was a small world, linked by the universal ancient mapping and navigation method in article #2 at http://iceagecivilizations.com, the convention for one fifth of the precession cylce for these two religions unknown and certainly interesting to ponder when you read the material.

    And see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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