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    National Geographic has a dog evolution special premiering tonight called And Man Created Dog, hardly accurate ‘though, because man bred canines, designer dogs as it were, for his hunting and defensive needs, as well as, to become “man’s best friend,” intentional breeding within the gene pool of the interfertile syngameon called the canines, a biblical kind of animal in Genesis, hardly darwinian evolution, which posits that cats and dogs evolved from a common ancestor, and so then, pray tell, what would that suppposed crazy thing look like, some kind of funky ancient chubacabra sans the mainge?  Or a tiny dragon grew fur?

    The variety of breeds in the canine syngameon, from chihuahuas to wolves, and st. bernards to dachsunds, reveals a fantastic genetic range within interfertile breeds of the canines, but you won’t see any cat and dog hybrids, they conveniently having genetically diverged under the darwinian scheme many millions of years ago, “trust us it happened.”  But did it really?  If you consider that only about twenty thousand (biblical kinds) syngameons of animals, the canine syngameon among them, need have been on Noah’s Ark, the picture begins to change, knowing that the mountain ranges uplifted at the close of the flood as the then deepening ocean basins received the water of Noah’s Flood.

    And see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com, very interesting stuff.

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