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    What Did Greg Gutfeld Red Eye Say Said Glenn Beck Show about Gay Bar Ground Zero Mosque Suspicious Packages Grind Zero Makes Sarcasm Irony Point Intellectual Political Supression Persecution Christian Jews Muslim World Islam Prohibits Religious Pluralism Anathema Democratic Government System

    Greg Gutfeld joked (or not?) today on Glenn Beck’s show that investors should build a gay bar next to the proposed mosque near ground zero in NYC (the bar to be named he suggests Suspicious Packages or Grind Zero), so that those muslims can show their tolerance for new yorkers just as new yorkers would be if they welcomed the mosque there so close to ground zero. Gutfeld is making the essential point that only dictatorial islam is tolerated in the Middle East, where the very rare christian church and judaic synagogue are few and far between for obvious reasons (those people are usually killed), so what’s wrong with a gay bar compared to that?  Or would they prefer to open up their countries to intellectually honest and free discourse (don’t count on it) for the sake of fairness?

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