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    How was the length for the royal cubit used to survey the Great Pyramid of Giza and Noah’s Ark determined?  When you read the short explanation in article #2 at http://iceagecivilizations.com, it’s there almost self-evident that the cubit was determined according to the wobble rate of the earth’s axis, so why then do Bodie Hodge and Ken Ham at Answers in Genesis still say that the length for the royal cubit was the length from some pharoh’s elbow to fingertip, or do they think it was the distance from Noah’s elbow to fingertip?  When you read the material in the link, you’ll know that the elbow to fingertip notion is patently absurd, and so, in not acknowledging the finding, the folks at Answers in Genesis suffer professional jeolosy.

    Hodge and Ham have also ignored the material under category Atlantis Revealed at this blog, failing to ably demonstrate the Atlantis of real history, during the bronze age, from the time of Abraham, Atlantis having submerged at the time of the Exodus when the ice age was ending, fantastic corroboration of the book of Genesis, yet they sit on their hands for no other reason than professional jeolosy, so I hope proponents of young earth creationism will contact AIG to ask them to wake up, the world needs to know, but AIG is frozen in time, resting on their past laurels, when they could be presenting this information to the world with their large following.

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