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    With Glenn Beck having now realized that speakers and writers of ancient hebrew and canaanite (both written in semitic lettering) were all over the Americas, having arrived by sea in the 1000 b.c. timeframe (and before actually), he has set off surge of research on this.  And as you google phoenicians in the Americas, and then ancient America epigraphy Barry Fell, you will see that the evidence is beyond doubt overwhelming, while the ivoy tower academics sit on their hands, about the linguistic affinities too of the ancients across the oceans, for instance atl meant water from Atlit-Yam of Canaan in the east to the Atlas (atlantean) mountains of Morocco (formorians) then to the atlantean columns which held up temples at Tula and San Augustin in the Americas, yet the darwinists insist all the ancient people in the Americas had trudged down from the bering land bridge of the ice age, when but the oceans are the fast easy way to go for people from very ancient times, as the evidence proves.

    So Beck can really get things rumbling with this thesis, and so, prove that the ancient mexicans were correct that their homeland, Atlan (Aztlan), was “across the eastern ocean,” which just happens to be named the Atlantic, after Atlantis, and Atlas, who was a son of Sidon, a son of Canaan, whose progeny were known as the formorians of earliest ancient Britain, the ruins submerged off the Scilly Islands of Cornwall so attesting, and those in Cardigan Bay and off Keris, among no doubt others.  And ruins submerged off Spain and Morocco, off Cadiz, Rota, Chipiona, Tarifa, and Lixus, not doubt among others, little discussed because they obviously must have gone under much later than the 10000 b.c. time that we’re told by the darwinists that the ice age ended, so Glenn and staff, I hope you examine all this, and tell your latino listeners who are concerned about Atlan that this is the real deal.  (See how they measured and mapped the earth in article #2 at http://iceagecivilizations.com.)

    And checkout http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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