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    Biblical skeptics say everybody up to the time of Christopher Columbus thought the earth was flat, but really?  Remember in public school being told that the hebrew Columbus defied the experts by sailing across the Atlantic, having been told he would fall off the edge of the world when he did?  How silly are the skeptics ‘though, considering good old Atlas, from ancient times, who was said to have held the earth, a sphere, upon his shoulders?  Shouldn’t it have been a flat square or a round plate if today’s skeptics of the bible are correct? 

    The ancient mexicans said their ancestors from across the eastern ocean (the Atlantic) “measured the round face of the earth and the arch of the sky,” the mayans among them, Maya, who was a daughter of Atlas according to the greeks.  And what of the ancient mayan astronomical numbering system, with tuns, katuns, and baktuns of time, denominated in base six numbers?  See the answer to all this in article #2 at http://iceagecivilizations.com, and be sure to alert those teachers in the public schools, it will be a real eye-opener for them.

    And be sure to refer to the “Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings” (Hapgood), to see the manifestations of the methodology explained in the link, we are not being told the truth about our ancient history, so let’s get it straight, and it starts with you, let’s spread the word, as Glenn Beck challenges the “experts,” having declared that the ancient canaanites and hebrews had sailed to the Americas, the navigational method apparently still unknown to Beck too, so please let him know, to discuss on the air, to his millions of listeners.

    See too http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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