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    Google AIG (Answers in Genesis) Bodie Hodge Atlantis, read his article for the little he knows of that great ancient maritme power in biblical context, to see that he’s really clueless on the subject (when all the information here under category Atlantis Revealed is considered).  Several years ago, I contacted many associates at AIG to inform them of the prolific number of submerged ruins worldwide which prove the Atlantis story, that the ice age ended much later than the darwinists are telling us, yet the folks at AIG said it’ not relevant to what they do, and they said that my ancient mapping finding in article #2 at http://iceagecivilizations.com is nonsensical, so you wonder what motivates those people at AIG, as it seems certain they are not interested in the latest and most effective evidences for young earth creationism presenting the veracity of Genesis.

    Do the folks at AIG really think the presence of Amazons in South America, Libya, and the Black Sea region, was just some quirky etymological and geographical coincidence of history?  Do they not know that Medina Sidona in southern Spain was named after Sidon, who was Posidon, who was a son of Canaan?  Can’t they understand that the Formorians of ancient Britain, the first there, were the Formoricchi, the men of Morocco, there in the shadow of the Atlas mountains, named after Atlas, a son of Sidon, and holder of the sky, the map man, who measured the earth by its wobble rate as explained in the link?  They don’t, so please clue them in, to see if they can overcome their professional jeolosy this time, to propagate the Gospel.

    Maybe they will donate to http://genesisveracityfoundation.com, miracles do happen.

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