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    I seek fame or not on this in the sense that the material presented here should be widely disseminated in young earth creationists’ circles, whether or not my name is attached to these truly¬†groundbreaking determinations, that the ancients very accurately measured the earth by its wobble rate and so mapped it, hence the word geometry, which means earth measure, and that the hundreds of submerged manmade structures found around the world (such as on the Bahama Banks, off Cadiz, Spain, and off Alexandria, Egypt) prove that the ice age ended when the Bible suggests, with the catastrophic climate change in the timeframe of Moses (confirmed¬†by the egyptian Ipuwer Papyrus), and that syngameons is the operative descriptive term for the biblical kinds of animals in modern scientific parlance, but all ignored by the chief luminary in young earth creationists’ circles, Ken Ham and his Answers in Genesis, whom should be contacted about this by those who care that the book of Genesis be aggressively proponed as real history.

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