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    Glenn Beck seems to think that jews cannot (so should not?) be christians, while God says in Christ there are no jews nor gentiles, only believers, as but mormon Beck says that jews, mormons, muslims, and christians should pray for our nation as from common ground, which is great, however, to imply that christians, mormons, muslims, and jews are all children of God is either a calculated lie by Beck or is spoken out of ignorance, neither acceptable, Beck who appears to be attemping the ecumenicalization of born again christians (if it were possible). 

    Being jewish is not a faith, it’s hereditary, if your mother is jewish, you’re jewish, like in islam, you’re muslim if your father is muslim, nothing to do with faith, locked in as it were, while Jesus Christ offers freedom in the Spirit, whom hundreds of millions all over the world are experiencing, as the judaism practiced by many jews is just a hollow shell of what they could have with acceptance of the true Messiah, whose incarnation was prophecied in detail in the old testament, even the time of his incarnation in Daniel 9.

    And see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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