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    I saw a tease this morning for Bill O’Reilly’s interview of Bill Maher on The Factor tonight, part two of the interview, tonight talking about faith, the Bible, and science, Maher saying on the tease that the christians of the tea party movement are morons, as are all who believe what the Bible says, particularly, in Maher’s cemented-ignorant mind, the book of Genesis, about which ‘though he has not a clue really; he’s a clownish comedian and political hatchet-man, no scientist for sure, but he coud learn alot if he’d have me on the show, which he just might once the soon-to-be-completed Genesis Veracity Foundation website will be known far and wide, through radio ads, funny ones, maybe Bill can help with some ideas, he’s a funny guy, allegedly.

    In the tease clip, O’Reilly responds to Maher asking him how smart is it to call over half of America morons, Maher’s response not shown, the tease, so tonight should be a great episode, Maher and O’Reilly, but it would be nice to be there with them to explain that they’re both wrong, like the rest of the darwinists.  Even the Vatican has said darwinian evolution is good science, not at all ‘though indicated in the Bible in the book of Genesis, as we all know, so help us educate these people, they are deceiving with their intellectual dishonesty, acting as if darwinism and its timeline is proven fact, just ask the vitriolic Bill Maher, or maybe, just maybe, O’Reilly will point out the controversy about darwinism, that most americans don’t believe it.

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