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    Back in the day, say twenty years ago, the darwinists were saying the sea level rise because of the end of the ice age occurred circa 10000 b.c., conveniently in line with Plato’s report that Atlantis went under at 9600 b.c. incidentally, yet Atlantis has been said by the darwinists to be nonsense, no huge island in the Atlantic, but was it that, or the coastlines of the western Mediterranean and eastern Atlantic, as Plato did indeed say, with the atlantean plain of his report the plain of southern Spain south of the Sierra Nevada and Morena mountains, where were the richest mines in the ancient world? 

    Bank it, the mountains of southern Spain were the big source of the mineral riches for Atlantis, with her coastal ruins now submerged off Tarifa (place of tariffs), Ceuta, Zahara de los Atunes, Cadiz (named after Gades), Rota (named after Ashteroth), and Chipiona, all of Spain, and ruins submerged in the Gibraltar area off Morocco, and other submerged ruins west to Scilly off Cornwall England, and east to the submerged ruins off Sleima, Malta, and reports even off western Italy, the eastern edge of the historical atlantean empire wrote Plato, submerged since the end of the ice age, which clearly ended much later than the darwinists are telling us, unless you want to believe the bronze age extended back to 10000 b.c., like the movie?

    The pressure is on the darwinists because of the submerged ruins, they’ve begun to admit that “some” of the end of ice age sea level rise occurred much later than 10000 b.c., but how much they can’t seem to decide, for they know the evidence is that the ice age ended rapidly, with catastrophic meltwater flooding and the entombment of millions of mammoths in mud then frozen in the north, and the evidence today of underfit river valleys, that the rivers’ flows were much greater in the past, greater than the flows during the ice age even, with the end of the ice age snowmelt, at least in the rivers which sourced from the ice age snowpack regions, such as the Mississippi and the Volga.

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