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    With extremely compelling information for young earth creationism, such as at this website, it’s no wonder creationists equipped with it are not challenged by the shuttered darwinists, who’d rather not engage, to avoid having to attempt to explain away the submerged ruins, ancient mapping by the earth’s wobble rate, syngameons over species, ice age’s cause a warmer ocean, and the repeopling of the earth by sea; all really irrefutable when analyzed, and the darwinists know it, so the debates everybody wants to see aren’t happening, because the darwinists hide for lack of solid material, certain to flame-out in a rigorous debate, their claims under close scrutiny.

    The entrenched liberal scientists who say the matter of the universe developed from nothing, but not created, defy physics really with their notion, after all, wouldn’t you say that matter coming from nothing is really something?  Can you make stuff appear out of thin air?  So why would nothing feel (if it were possible) induced to change itself into something?  What could cause nothing to become something other than the creator of that something?  It’s really first grade logic, but too much I guess for those who do not want to deal with the straightforward history of humankind’s struggle in the physical and spiritual worlds, not what an atheist wants to think about, yet they do.

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