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    The left “progressive” New York Times’ ace marxist writer Sam Tanenhaus really stepped-in-it this day on Morning Joe, when the capricious Lesley Stahl (who sometimes backs into brilliance) innocently asked why are there so many female republican tea party candidates?  To which Tanenhaus responded it’s because they run the money as housewives in the household, and so, hate the government’s drunken sailor spending ways.  Sam was doing fine at that point, citing some reality for a change, also that conservative women are motivated and willing to do the work for political campaigns, but then the wheels came off, “like licking stamps, more women’s work” said Tanenhaus.  Oh boy, you could almost see the flaming liberals on the upper east side dropping their lattes at that point, as Mika Brzenzski sat there listening, looking like somebody had just told her that her morning joe had been laced with boogers, very entertaining tv.

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