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    Christine O’Donnell asked Chris Coons where “separation of church and state” is written in the Constitution, to which Coons gave a convoluted answer in admitting it’s not there, so guess what?  The liberal pundits who usually mock O’Donnell are silent on this point, because if the public would focus on the First Amendment, they would see that each state can decide if they want an official state religion; yes it’s true, clearly what the Founding Fathers intended, and so, such as rino Morning Joe aren’t talking about this “O’Donnell gaffe,” but no gaffe at all, a teachable moment, wouldn’t you say?

    And Sharon Angle in Nevada said that some hispanic students look oriental, so what’s the big deal?  The liberal talking heads are tripping all over themsevles in condemnation, when but this too is a teachable moment brought on by another christian tea party woman candidate; the humankind and the races of it are of one syngameon, the analytic genetic term which Angle, Palin, and O’Donnell should use in attacking darwinian evolution, taught as established fact in the public schools, laughable really if it weren’t so sad, maybe to be corrected with those precocious lady tea party candidates.

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