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    If not that the Bible has the answer, it would be surprising that mainstream scientists cannot determine the cause of the ice age, the cause actually so obvious, yet since the clue to the answer is in the Bible, they (at least subconsciously) don’t consider the hydrology of Noah’s Flood, fueled by the “fountains of the great deep,” so warmer ocean water in the aftermath of the flood, then the much greater evaporation off the warmer ocean for the dense cloudcover for the ice age.  It’s just hydrology 101, yet a huge blindspot for the mainstream scientists who hate to say the Bible is right, obviously hampering seriously their ability to rationally analyze data.

    A pot of water upon a heating element turned-off produces no steam (for clouds), but turn it on, place a clear lid on it, and watch the dynamic for the ice age, the evaporation forming clouds of water droplets on the underside of the lid, like it was during the ice age, when the runaway plate tectonics of the biblical flood year (see http://globalflood.org) ended with the ocean on average around eighty degrees f., where now the average temp is fifty, the cooling having taken about nine hundred years from circa 2400 b.c. to 1500 b.c., good science, but not what you’ll hear coming from mainstream academia, so I hope you will support the soon up and running Genesis Veracity Foundation, bringing intellectual honesty to the public debate.

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