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    When you read Plato’s account about Atlantis, the bronze age weaponry and navigation explicitly described in the tale really jumps out at you, so how could Atlantis (and competitor state Athens) have been navigating the oceans in trireme ships using bronze weaponry at Plato’s date of 9600 b.c.?  Do we throw out the story because of the date provided to Plato via egyptian priests, or do we consider that with the date corrected to 1500 b.c., the whole story makes all the sense in the world?  Read on under category here Submerged Ancient Ruins, to see that the evidence is overwhelming for a much later-than-advertised time for the end of the ice age, actually at the time of the Exodus, a real shocker for darwinists. 

    Atlantis was said to have gone under in a day and a night because of an earthquake and flooding, that was the City of Atlantis, first known as the City of Posidon according to Plato, five miles from the ocean coast, a city of concentric rings of ship canals, connected to the ocean to the south by a five mile long canal, so we are supposed to believe that an earthquake caused all that land to collapse into the sea?  When has an earthquake ever caused an entire coastal plain five miles inland to drop into the sea?  Plato said the atlantean empire extended inside the Pillar of Hercules (Gibraltar) to Libya and Italy, and outside along the atlantic coast too, all submerged when the sea level rose with the end of the ice age, when the bronze age ended.  See more here http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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