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    Left wing zanies such as talking-head Chris Matthews are laughing that Sarah Palin would be crushed by Barack Hussein Obama in the 2012 general election (if they both were nominated by their parties), but let’s analyze that notion, as if Chris is just bluffing, to see that he just might be doing so.  Smart democrat women in all age and income brackets are very disappointed in Obama’s destruction of the economy, and with inflation now on the horizon to add to the problems, and trillions of investment dollars sitting on the sidelines, by 2012, they will be fit to be tied, to Palin, who wants economic freedom for companies, not Obama’s enviro-nazi tactics (based on carbon dioxide levels for pete’s sake, we breath out the stuff and so do volcanos).

    Sarah Palin favors school choice, so what democrat woman wouldn’t like the option for their kid to go to a private school with school choice vouchers?  And once democrat and republican mothers understand that Darwin’s term species is meaningless, the dogma that goo morphed into you can be compared and contrasted with the biblical model.  Read on at this website to see some of what the darwinists would have to try to explain away in debate format comparing the models, not at all what they are looking forward to, just ask them.  And when it comes to second amendment rights, how many democrat mothers do you suppose like the idea of having somebody around who knows something about home defense?  These all add up to a big win for Palin in 2012, if they both are nominated by their parties.

    And for school choice, how ’bout http://genesisveracityfoundation.com?

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