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    Clean coal burned is no longer considered clean unless the carbon dioxide bi-product is trapped underground, but volcanos and animal farts produce much more CO2 than does coal burning worldwide annually, so why is the greenhouse gas charade allowed to continue, how stupid and ignorant are we deemed by the “experts?”  Imagine the jobs which would be created without strictures of carbon emission regulation?  Think of all the manufacturing concerns which would open up, and with oil and gas drilling to ideally be allowed offshore, think of those jobs which would be added too.

    For u.s. governmental and currency solvency, the federal budget must be cut, with hundreds of thousands to be laid off the government payroll, so where will they work?  In those jobs which would open up, and their support industries, millions of new jobs, that is where they will work.  And with lower corporate tax rates, and enforced borders to repel those entering not legally, investment would boom in America, but will the politicians see, admit, and act upon the obvious, or will they continue to legislate for our continued decline?

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