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    Muslims, do you really think Allah is the answer?  Not so.  His main apostle Muhammed took converts by hook or by crook, so where was his outward look?  It was to world conquest, by the dictates of the Koran and Hadith, “brainstorms” both, so are you really onboard?  Do you really want to help subvert the world by that scythian sword of the half moon?  The Lord, the creator of the 72 years (virgins)/degree rate of precession, is the Word, so what now do you do with that?  See article #13 at http://genesisveracity.com, and then sincerely try to realize that the muslim books are historically and spiritually lacking.

    Think about it, do the progressive atheists and theorists of islam really have your back?  And when will the american “liberals” ever realize that the islamic sword is destined for them if they won’t submit?  As the proponents of sharia law try to invade Oklahoma, Hussein Obama staggers under the “redneck” pressure, the courts of law in the u.s. standing in judgment now, whether to bow to Allah or not, which would be no problem I’d think for such as Louis Farakan, Jeremiah Wright, and James Cone, buddies of Barack Obama.

    Half of America now receives some kind of welfare, so for whom would they likely vote, the party (democrat) which gives them more for less, or the party (republican) which “gives” them free opportunity to exploit their property within reason (considering CO2 comes out of animals), the way the Founding Fathers of America intended?  The original was life, liberty, and the pursuit of property, then Jefferson had it changed to happiness (obviously a weak substitue term).  So if happiness is a world under Allah, then get ready for what’s written in the Hadith and Koran, not a pretty picture.  Compare it to the Good News of Jesus Christ, just preaching, no swords, ‘though at least one of the apostles toted one as I recall.  See Ezekiel 38, and then, on whom would you bet, the nation of islam, or “the apple of God’s eye?”

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