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    The ancient frisian book Oera Linda written beginning circa 500 b.c. in the Netherlands (proven by the ancient frisian writing script style in its early portion) says that king Friso was the progenitor of the people who would be called Frisian, after the flood of the sea which consumed Atland, coastal land during the ice age quite obviously, now known as the Dogger Banks in the North Sea, part of the atlantean empire which Plato said extended inside the Pillars of Hercules (Gibraltar) to Libya and Italy, and outside Gibraltar too, up all the way apparently to the north Atlantic, where tin for bronze was in great supply particularly in what today is called Britain (named after Brutus of trojan descent).

    Atland (Atlantis) was a great ice age civilization, which warred against the powers of the eastern Mediterranean circa 1500 b.c. when actually the ice age began to end with the destruction of Atlantis and much of Greece, the greek Flood of Ogyges and Dardanus (circa 1500 b.c.) not factored in his chronology of the Atlantis story, with bronze age navies and weaponry.

    Darwinist historians of european human chronology dismiss the Oera Linda history of the ancient Netherlands as fable because of its date for the flood by the sea at 2193 b.c., far too late a date for them for the end of the ice age, but then who was the progenitor of the Frisians if not Friso, and of the Saxons if not Friso’s brother Saxo, that lineage laid out in the Oera Linda?  This case is like that of the clearly direct lineages laid out in Genesis 10, names key in real history, such as Kush, Elam, Aram, Asshur, Rama, and Tarshish, but this clear linkage to the bible excruciatingly ignored by the darwinists.

    Much of the world is now laughing at the darwinists’ willful ignorance of this real history, born out by such as the Oera Linda, an early writer of which, probably from oral tradition, mistook a date for Noah’s Flood for the 2193 b.c. date in the Oera Linda, the global flood, Noah’s Flood, which induced the ice age afterword, the end of the ice age having begun about nine hundred years after the disastrous global flood survived by only eight people.  The dynamics of the flood explained at http://globalflood.org.

    And see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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