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    Who was Hercules?  In greek history there’s one who sailed with Jason and the Argonauts into the newly connected Black Sea circa 1300 b.c., yet by that time in history they were praying to the sea god Poseidon, whom later Plato would say was the father of Atlas, known too as Hercules, but of golden apples (tangerines) fame centuries before Jason, said to have held the earth, so was he that big?  Of course not, he controlled the earth figuratively, by the figure (so-to-speak) of the earth and its dance through space as it spins and wobbles around the sun, by the method explained in article #2 at http://iceagecivilizations.com; be sure to tell your professors.

    The mediterranean and atlantic sea god Poseidon of course was Sidon, in the biblical timeline a son of Canaan, yes in the middle east, but Sidon (from his now submerged port city) took to the sea with the method  in the link which he also taught to his son, Atlas/Hercules; heady times, when the rulers were called that as they measured, measuring rulers, measuring earth distances by the earth’s wobble rate, who would have thought such a thing possible?  It’s certainly not what you’re being taught in school today, I think you’d agree, so help disseminate this info through http://genesisveracityfoundation.com, a great way to expose the weaknesses of the darwinian model with this demonstration of the veracity of the genesis model.

    The sea god of the etruscans was Neftun, their name for Poseidon, and namesake of Tunisia, and a great grandson of Japheth was in the western Mediterranean and eastern Atlantic too, Tarshish, namesake of ancient Tartessos, that location now under Seville, Spain, so the Table of Nations (Genesis 10) certainly rings true once again, that listing of the progeny of Noah confirmed with new archaeological discoveries, remembering that two hundred years ago, biblical skeptics were asking where is the evidence for the Hittites?  I wish they could have been around for the answer.  And please make sure you show the links to your profs, they deserve to know.

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