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    Imagine how it was during the ice age, snowing almost incessantly in the more extreme latitudes and  higher elevations of the world, and much rainier in the middle latitudes, so how’d all that water for the much greater snow and rain enter the atmosphere?  From what and where did the clouds form?  Ask your professors this question to see if they know, because they should, it’s merely hydrology 101, yet the obvious answer, by much greater evaporation off the world ocean, then will lead them to the deduction that the ocean must have been heated from below to have caused the ice age, the engine for the ice age the fountains of the deep described in Genesis, like a pot of heated water, the droplets condensing on the lid to fall back down so to speak, and be sure to respectfully ask them about this as well:  http://genesisveracityfoundation.com, great stuff, see what they say!

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