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    James Cameron of Avatar movie fame is touring the media touting the rights of the indigenous people of the Amazon, fighting the evil people of technology (who brought him there), saying the manmade climate change also threatens to devastate the environment.  Cameron says it’s not really global warming now, but climate change, any ol’ kind, which makes you wonder if he’s aware of the variations of the seasons of the year?  I watched him spouting his stuff this morning on the tube saying warmer air causes more evaporation for more clouds, hence all the snowstorms this winter; his correct statement which when logically considered ‘though tells you that more clouds will in turn cool the atmosphere back down, negative feedback in the hydrologic science, rendering all the global warming hype unscientific on yet another level (besides the fudged figures by the experts).

    Cameron inadvertantly gives us the cause for the ice age, it was much cloudier then because of much more evaporation off the ocean, after all, what else coud have done it?  And the ocean must have been heated from below because if it had been by atmospheric heating, the snow would not have accumulated, so where does that leave us?  Noah’s Flood, the mountains rose at the close of the flood as water slid off into the ocean basins which were deepening at the close of the flood, see http://globalflood.org, to certainly know that only massive geothermal heating by Noah’s Flood could have been the engine for the hydrology of the ice age.  Help spread the word, refer please to http://genesisveracityfoundation.com, seeing that the biblical timeline stands vindicated, with good science, Mr. Cameron?

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