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    The outside end of the string of the ball-of-string of the darwinian timeline and paradigm is begun to unravel; that the ice age must have been caused by a paradoxically warmer and geothermally heated ocean (it’s just hydrology 101), and as the ball unravels further, that the submerged and often megalithic bronze age ruins found around the world prove that the ice age ended about eight thousand years later than the darwinists are saying, and reaching the center, that the ancients measured the earth by its wobble rate, explaining the origin of the nautical mile base six numbering system, so the darwinian timeline and the darwinists’ ignorance of advanced bronze age technology and astronomical knowledge for geometry (which means earth measure) are proving their undoing, unable to object to these facts in the record, read on at http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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