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    With my own eyes and ears, I’ve just witnessed Jeb Bush tell Geraldo Rivera (at Large) that he will support Sarah Palin for president if she turns out to be the 2012  frontrunner among the republicans for the nomination; big news for sure, Sarah accepted by the mainstream politicos, palatable to the almost universally liked Bush, but not to his mother (yet who cares?), so the talking heads wanting to marginalize Palin have a real problem now, for Jeb Bush, palatable to even such as rockefeller republican David Brooks, is giving the thumbs-up for Palin, heads will be spinning, problaby trying this week to avoid talking about it at all on their talking head shows, save Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, etc.  Why does Bush not fear Palin to lead our country?

    And why do the democrats fear Sarah Palin in such an amazingly big way, but not Huckabee, Romney, nor  Pawlenty?  One of the main  reasons is that Palin propones scientific material not just of the darwinian bent be taught to our students, so that they can analyze and contrast models at least as viable as specious darwinism, such outlined here http://genesisveracityfoundation.com, actually much more viable than the foolish timeline and evidence for darwinism, so help us spread the word, and maybe Palin will refer folks to the foundation to help get the word out, for intellectual honesty in the marketplace of ideas, how american, isn’t it supposed to be?

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