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    Tired of deceptive scientists and foolish tv talking heads telling you that darwinism is certainly fact not to be questioned?  Then let’s do something about it; Sarah Palin should be the mouthpiece, considering her stated belief that the Bible (including Genesis of course) is all true, so it’s time to bring in some science to support your beliefs we will say to Mrs. Palin, and as far as darwinism goes, all which Palin needs to say is that Darwin’s term species is actually meaningless because members of differeing so-called species can interbreed.

    Then what should we call these groups of animals considered of differeing species but which can interbreed (such as lions and leopards)?  The term to use is SYNGAMEONS, groups of interfertile “species” of animals such as alpacas, llamas, and camels which all had common ancestors, these “species” having naturally selected after the genetic bottleneck of Noah’s Flood (the wreckage seen here http://noahsarksearch.net/eng/), the natural selection as the animals moved out into new ecological niches in isolated breeding groups for their “species” characteristics to manifest.

    If only potential presidential candidate and christian Sarah Palin on facebook or to Shaun Hannity interviewing would say:

    “It’s time that schools teach the weaknesses of darwinism.  Charles Darwin’s term species is really meaningless while but the mendelian concept of syngameons is actually to the point for classification purposes of animal interfertility and how animals could be more effectively grouped genetically, which leads us to the biblical account of the genetic bottleneck from which manifested the millions of so-called species of animals we see in the world today.”

    And when the firestorm would begin about all this, Palin and all of you can defend the sound biblical position with great zeal and confidence when versed in solid scientific materal with the biblical template such as from http://genesisveracityfoundation.com, and for the clear picutre of the biology in the paleontological record, please be certain to see http://detectingdesign.com/fossilrecord.html, and for the dynamics and dating of the flood, refer to http://globalflood.org, all certain to shake loose the cobwebs in the mind of most any darwinist, and so, let’s get a debate going with Bill Maher and virulent darwinists such as Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow.

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