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    Glenn Beck Says College Student Unions Day of Rage 03/12/11 March 12 2011 Communists Youth World Peace Socialism Movement Cairo Egypt Social Political Revolution Spinoff Obama United States Community Organizing Google Facebook Computer Networking Global Revolt Capitalism Profit Motive Under Attack

    Glenn Beck having predicted a computer networked revolt in the United States, modeled after Egypt’s recent revolt, said today that students and unions in America are planning a day of rage on March 12, 2011, so let’s see what develops on that front, with the unions actually having been involved in organizing the egyptian riots, now working on the March 12 deal, with the idealistic and thoroughly brainwashed students at the front, appearing that the youthful students know best, only wanting fairness, peace, love, joy, etc. 

    But these impressionable college kids have been bamboozled, now believing that communism could work globally, what a lie, since the only successful communism is within groups of like mind, such as the early persecuted christian church, and today, the kibbutzes of Israel, bound by religious faith, and their belief that the Bible states the true history of great Israel and the surrounding lands, demonstrated at http://genesisveracityfoundation.com, so let the seeking students know that darwinism can be cast down because Darwin’s term species is actually meaningless while the term syngameons is not.

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