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    Reading with great interest Harold T. Wilkins’ fine book Secret Cities of Old South America, the account about conquistador Francisco de Orellana, their first to have sailed down the great river east of the Andes which Orellana was responsible for having named (after his name was rejected) the Amazon, because fierce fighting women against him (near the juncture of that great river with the tributary Rio Trombeta), who lived separately from men but to mate only annually for a few weeks with them so the local tribes said, it’s strikng that he called them Amazons, thinking about the ancient greek legends, the Amazons of the Sea of Tritonis (ice age lake of north africa near Syrtis), led by queen Myrina who fought the Atlantes to the west circa 1400 b.c. (reported Diodorus Sicilus), and the colony of Amazons which apparently sailed east when the Sea of Tritonis was drying up, having become major military players in the Aegean and Black Sea region under queen Hippolyta who encountered Jason and the Argonauts and later fought against the greeks at Troy circa 1200 b.c.

    And Francisco Orellana was actually “spot on,” some of those ladies having sailed too probably with their cousins the Carians (Caribbean and Carioca) to the great continents to the west, at the western rim of the ice age atlantean empire, which was greatly diminshed when the sea level rose with the end of the ice age, having risen about three feet per year for a hundred years beginning circa 1500 b.c., and the catastrophic climate change which irreversibly changed the ancient geography too (along with the 25 million square miles of coastal real estate worldwide which succumbed to the sea), that’s when the so-called bronze age ended, and displaced people groups were migrating on a grand scale, just check the record, that was a time of great upheavel, in the biblical timeline, the catastrophic climate change at the time of the Exodus out of Egypt.  See how it all fits together at http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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