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    Mormon Conversion Born Again Christian Christianity Glenn Beck Meeting Trip Visit Billy Franklin Graham Saturday 02/19/11 Feb 19 2011 Booneville North Carolina House Home Missions Agents Light Darkness World Evangelism Book Revelation Jesus Christ Glenn Beck Billy Graham Finally Meet Family Bible Truth Timeline Discussion Conversation North Carolina

    On Glenn Beck’s show tonight, he spoke of his anxiously awaited visit to Billy Graham’s home on a hilltop near Booneville, North Carolina this last Saturday afternoon, having visited there for three hours with the great christian evangelist, saying to Graham that the world is growing darker with evil, to which reverend Graham responded that but the light grows stronger too, in opposition to that evil, citing to Beck that the Book of the Revelation (of Jesus Christ) tells us how this will develop, so the fact that Beck repeated that gem from Mr. Graham tells me that Beck may have eschewed mormonism, after all, how many mormons accept all of the New Testament as the last inspired written word from the creator God, who implicitly is father, son, and holy spirit from the text?

    Beck has spoken of the certain transatlantic navigation during the iron age and before, the evidence of which is really plentiful (see category Ancient Navigation and Atlantis Revealed), so to really show support for all of the Bible, he certainly should read through the material at this blogsite and at http://genesisveracityfoundation.com, to see the beautiful continuity throughout the Bible on many levels, including science, the darwinists’ worst nightmare, just ask them, and please be certain to help see that Glenn Beck receives these links soon to educate himself on some of the nuances involved in defending biblical history with modern scientific understanding.  The book is amazing, truly from the merciful creator of all, the book intellectually unassailable really.

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