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    If the Bible is true, then dragons (“dinosaurs”) have been with us at least throughout old testament history, from the dragon of the priests of Bel at Babylon in the book of Daniel circa 400 b.c., back to Isaiah’s time circa 700 b.c. (Isaiah 43:20), and back to the Behemoth of Uz in the book of Job circa 2000 b.c., then back of course to Noah’s Ark (where young dragons of each syngameon were housed).  That the the history in the Bible is true is confirmed by much ancient artwork displayed here http://genesispark.org/genpark/ancient/ancient.htm, and in ancient and medieval secular literature compiled by William Cooper here http://ldolphin.org/cooper/index.html, just more proof that all of the Bible is to believe, and why not, because after all, Jesus is the Word become flesh, and Genesis is part of the Word, isn’t it?

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