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    The second Proving Genesis radio broadcast on http://klgo.net from Austin last Saturday at noon was a big step forward for yours truly, presenting dinos and humans, ice age hydrology, the secrets of Atlantis, and the meaninglessness of Darwin’s term species, with a more relaxed and easy on air flow, which should only get better this Saturday at noon, so be sure to tune in for more on the fact that the premises of the big bang theory actually dictate that the distant stars must be only thousands of years of age (according to Einstein’s general relativity), and a more in depth discussion (you can call in) of humans and “dinosaurs” (Sir Richard Owens’ term) in history, both in biblical and secular historical accounts, as well as in rockart (see http://genesispark.org/genpark/ancient/ancient.htm, great material for sure, leaving egg on the faces of the darwinists, or at least causing them great pause I’m sure, so not presented in the public schools.

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