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    The darwinistas at the University of Texas are challenged to call in to the christian radio talkshow Proving Genesis to defend their claim that Darwin”s term species actually has any meaning scientifically (it doesn’t), yet now after week three of the show, the crickets are still chirping, all quiet on the darwinista front, so as I said Saturday on the show, since the straight-forward material presented on the show has not been contested by the loyal darwinistas, that material casting out over Austin fm radio and to the world streaming live on the web at http://klgo.net at noon on Saturdays is indicatively uncontestable by the darwinistas, more good news for young earth creation and the propagation of biblical history as fact, real history, what the darwinists seem incapable of refuting, not surprising me at all, nor those who know this material and can present it.

    This week on the Proving Genesis radio show, we’ll await that long awaited first call from an intrepid darwinista to defend his/her however demonstrably untenable position, and we’ll discuss Atlantis, the real Atlantis of ancient history, Plato talked about it but had the date wrong, we’ll set it all straight within a biblcal context, certainly not what they’re teaching at UT, but maybe in debate format sometime soon I’ll be allowed the opportunity to state the case with discussion from faculty and students, wouldn’t that be fun?  And the darwinists and the other non biblicists who seem to hate it could respond with questions and whatever attempts at rebuttal might percolate there, that would be academic freedom and intellectual honesty practiced, what they supposedly encourage at the universty, right?  We shall see, and tune in Saturdays at noon to see if they call in to try to defend the “fact” of darwinian evolution.

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