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    I knew Plato lied about some of his knowledge regarding Atlantis, because I have learned that in Book Three of his work The Laws, he wrote that the flood of Ogyges consuming much of bronze age Greece was the same flood which consumed the Atlantean empire, he says circa 9600 b.c., yet Ogyges is now known to have lived in the 1500 b.c. timeframe (and Plato knew it I’d bet), after which (about two centuries later) ruled kings in Greece such as Erysichthon, Erectheus, Cecrops, and Theseus, names mentioned by Plato in the timeframe of the demise of the Atlantean empire too (and much of Greece as he said) in the story, so it’s pretty obvious that Plato was way off on his date, even though the real date was right under his historian’s nose.

    We’ll be discussing the issue of Atlantis in its biblical context on Proving Genesis this Saturday (on http://klgo.net), so call in if you like, discussing that Plato said Atlantis (the whole empire) stretched both far inside and outside the Straits of Gibraltar, all consumed when the coastlines (to varying degrees based on the slope of the land) of the world were inundated when the ice age ended, over a period of about a century, when the climate dried out in the middle latitudes for the Exodus of the Jews out of Egypt, proven with the Ipuwer Papyrus out of Egypt for instance, so check-it-out, really overwhelming proof when you think about it.  Of course the flood of Deucalion from greek lore was Noah’s Flood, that flood which was the engine for the ice age, read more here http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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