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    Christian old earth creationists must feel left in the cold when they see the Bible attacked by the media for its chronology of the earth and universe only about six thousand years old, which then should inspire a question to those christian old earth creationists (who shoehorn billions of years for the six days of creation); at what point does real history begin in the narrative in Genesis, or does all of Genesis say what it does not really mean, like the six days of creation?  The six days of creation, described with mornings and evenings in the Genesis account, were followed by the day of rest, and then ten generations to Noah’s Flood, so do you really think it says something else, that it doesn’t mean what it says?  Christians need to understand that the real action is in young earth creationism, defending all of the Bible, clearly what Jesus would do, and pretty easy to do really, with material such as http://genesisveracityfoundation.com, pass it on.

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