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    One of the big hurdles for skeptics of the Bible, in particular the book of Genesis, is the flood of Noah, having covered the earth, they ask how is that possible to have covered mountains such as the Himalayas for instance?  Yet the little discussed answer is that the flood did not cover the Himalayas, because they rose at the end of the flood year, while the ocean basins were deepening, runaway plate tectonics such that the crust of the earth which is like the (thin) skin on an apple crumpled (if you will) during the runaway plate tectonic episode of Noah’s Flood, that dynamic explained here http://globalflood.org, and the fossil record here http://detectingdesign.com/fossilrecord.html, sure to curl the hair of the darwinists, so let them see it and try to refute the material, good fodder for debate for sure.

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