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    The big bang theory, when honestly appraised, necessitates that the universe be actually much younger than the billions of years we’re being told, so the big bang theory really is in line with young earth creationism, and that’s because the matter composing the universe must have an outer boundary in order to have originated from the initial point of singularity just before the big bang’s outward expansion, yet the big bang theorists, wanting an old universe, say that the material of the universe has no outer boundary, matter is limitless they say, which ‘though cannot be according to their own theory, this glaring contradiction therefore little discussed and so obviously not admitted by those who worship the darwinian scheme, destined certainly for the junk heap of failed theories in history.

    So now you know the big bang theory actually comports with the book of Genesis.  It’s time to spread the word that due to gravitational time dilation during the big bang (the days of creation in the Bible), the speed of light was greatly accelerated, so the distant stars are not billions of years of age, only thousands.  The big bang theory in transparency actually confirms the six days of creation in the genesis account, about six thousand years ago.  Good science confirms certainly confirms the book of Genesis while deliberately manipulated science doesn’t, they mangle the theory in order to make their choice billions of years for the age of the universe, so that’s good science?  Ha.  Is that what college is for?  Intellectual honesty or dishonesty?  What is the goal here please?  See see our website http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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