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    The flood of Noah’s day is authentic history, scientifically valid, considering the mountains rose at the close of the flood because of rapid plate tectonics, while the ocean basins sank to receive the floodwater off the thickening and metamorphosing continents at the end of the flood, born-out geologically, for instance the total lack of tension cracks in the mountainous folded sedimentary layers proving the layers were still wet when folded, regionally compressed at the close of the rapid plate tectonics of the flood year.  There’s really no other way to explain the geology when carefully analyzed without the legendary global flood by water from cataclysmic plate tectonic movement. 

    The pre-flood supercontinent Pangea broke apart during the flood year to the configurations we see today. 

    We hope that you refer to John Baumgardner’s excellent website http://globalflood.org to see the problems with radioisotope rock dates of millions of years, and see that carbon 14 dates for coal and diamonds reveal ages in only thousands of years.  So what do the darwinistas do with that?  They don’t talk about it, that’s why we should.  Refer your friends to http://genesisveracityfoundation.com, support your local pastors who preach and teach Genesis as it reads, and equip yourselves with this material, it’ll make ’em think twice, perhaps even to believe that all of the Bible is true, Genesis included.  And then perhaps, intellectual honesty will prevail in the public schools.  Let’s go go go!

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