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    The Donald Trump Political Strategy Presidential Run Investigation Barack Hussein Obama Birther Issue Certificate Law Suit Birth Born United States Hawaii Documentation Real Genetic Paternity Father Quandry Paternity Law Suit Blood Philosophical Intellectual Line Communist Pervert Frank Marshall Davis Barack Obama’s Genetic Father?

    Please tell me what is recorded on current president Barack Hussein Obama’s birth certificate such that “wildman” Donald Trump wants the contents known to the american public and to the world?  I absolutey can’t understand why Mr. Trump won’t just say “google Frank Marshall Davis Obama,” because then we would get to see and hear the truth.  If you google Frank Marshal Davis Obama, then you would see the problem for the current presidente.  So what do you think about this obviously clear genetic linkage when you compare the photos?  Does Frank Marshall Davis look like Barack Hussein Obama’s father or does Barack Sr. from Kenya?  Haha; take a guess!  When will everybody get with the program?  This is getting boring!

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