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    In his much ballyhooed scheme for evolution, atheist hero Charles Darwin’s animal classification term species is actually meaningless, so his whole evolution scheme is equally meaningless, or nonsensicle, because species such as lions and tigers can interbreed, so proving what you may ask?  It proves that lions and tigers came from a common pair of cat ancestors, probably big cats too, ‘though not necessarily so, because many cat species are interfertile, so too are many other species of kinds of animals, so perhaps only about twenty thousand biblical kinds of animals need have been on Noah’s Ark, not a problem at all considering the dimensions of the Ark recorded in Genesis.

    The modern term well used for biblical animal kinds is syngameons, the big cat syngameon in our case today, from which the so-called species of big cats evolved, certainly not from tree shrews nor whatever-else the darwinistas dream up, but from the big cats which rode out the flood on the Ark which Noah and his crew built for a hundred years, not small potatos, and certainly legendary, with over six hundred ancient people groups having ancestral recollections of it, in addition to the account in the book of Genesis, all people who trace back to the original eight on the Ark, no reason to doubt it now with a sound biological analysis.  Please refer to Sean Pitman’s excellent website http://detectingdesign.com, to know that the flood record preserves the early history of the syngameons of animals.  And see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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