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    The darwinistas laugh at Plato’s story about real Atlantis because the bronze age weaponry and buildings described in the story do not jibe with his reported submergence date at 9600 b.c., but Plato must have known of the legendary Flood of Ogyges who lived around 1500 b.c., when much of Greece was consumed by the sea according to the story, and Plato even mentions four greek kings in his Atlantis report who lived in that same timeframe as Ogyges, so exactly why he didn’t want to report the obvious that those flood legends were really about the same flood will remain a mystery.

    Then with the end of the ice age really at circa 1500 b.c., when was the beginning of the ice age and what caused it?  The ocean must have been quite a bit warmer then for the far greater evaporation rates to have formed the dense-extensive cloudcover for the ice age, and when you calculate back the number of years it took for the ocean to have cooled twenty or thirty degrees fahrenheit down to about today’s temperatures, the number of years is about a thousand, back to circa 2400 b.c. when the Flood of Deucalion occurred.

    That was Noah’s Flood in the Bible, the fountains of the Great Deep of Noah’s Flood having been the geothermal generator for the much greater rates of oceanic evaporation thereafter to form the dense cloudcover for the ice age.  Atlantis was consumed when the ice age ended, the flood at the time of the greek king Ogyges, so please be certain to checkout our website http://genesisveracityfoundation.com, and tell your pastor too.

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