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    Fair Minded Pro Choice Feminists Democrats Can Will Vote for Support Sarah Palin John McCain Republican Ticket because Individual States’ Rights Should Decide Abortion Issue not Court Fiat from The Supreme Court Roe v. Wade and Sarah Palin

    Millions of fair-minded feminists will vote for Sarah Palin and John McCain because Mrs. Palin only wants the individual states to decide the abortion issue for themselves, some states would allow abortion on demand, and others wouldn’t, according to the will of the people in the respective states, by legislation or referenda, not by judicial fiat, as is the case with Roe v. Wade enforce today.  Who can argue that this is not a fair way to handle this highly contentious issue?  Let the people of the individual states decide the issue for themselves, this is all that republican vp candidate Sarah Palin and presidential candidate John McCain ask, it only is fair.

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