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    Scores of manmade but anciently submerged megalithic ruins on the shallow seafloor have been discovered which however are little reported, found from the Isles of Scilly off England in the Atlantic, all the way to Atlit Yam off Israel in the eastern Mediterranean.  Many of these submerged bronze age ruins such as Pavlopetri off Laconia, Greece, are also concentrated off Egypt, ancient Canaan, Turkey, Malta, Sicily, and off the coasts in the Gibraltar region of Spain and Morocco, the center of the Atlantean empire according to Plato.  

    So it’s obvious that the sea level rose when the ice age ended to consume those bronze age locations, and that’s in line with the biblical chronology, the time of the Exodus of the Jews out of Egypt circa 1500 b.c. when the whole world was turned-upside-down by the sea level rise consuming 25 million square miles of land and the drastic climate change which quickly transformed many known ancient biblical kingdoms to desert, when the ice age was ending, born out certainly by marine and terrestrial archaeology honestly appraised.  

    See our compelling website http://genesisveracityfoundation.com, where you’ll find many more great reasons to believe all of the Bible, even the book of Genesis.  What a novel concept!  So tell your pastors that they can preach Genesis with great confidence, knowing that science is really on their side, and chagrin for the darwinistas, yet not a shocker at all to seekers who have investigated real ancient history and the mechanics of Noah’s Flood, followed by the ice age.

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