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    Christian old earth creationists are doing great harm to the the Word because if Noah’s Flood really was just a local flood, as they say, then the Table of Nations of Genesis 10 must be fiction.  Please do think about it; the Bible says that all the people of the world today are descendants of Noah, but if the flood affected just a limited region of the middle east, as they claim, then humans in the rest of the world during Noah’s time were not affected by the flood, unless you want to believe that all the people of the world lived in just one locality.  Now who would venture such a tortured interpretation of the Genesis account except atheistic darwinistas, seeking to remove credibility from the Bible, and their strange bedfellows the old earth creationists, claiming ‘though that Jesus is the Word?

    Jesus said Noah’s Flood was real, clearly described in the Bible, so why shouldn’t believers today likewise treat Genesis history at face value, as it reads?  Old earth creationists say science is against the Word as it reads, but that’s really not the case, demonstrably so.  Refer to our website http://genesisveracityfoundation.com for a great overview of ancient history and the science which corrobotes it, material which you can boldly present to darwinistas and old earth creationists.  Watch their eyes to glaze over in consternation.  Try it; treating the book of Genesis truly as the foundational book of the Word.  After all, if the book Genesis doesn’t really mean what it says, then why believe the rest of the Bible?

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