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    Sarah Palin Supports Exposure of Creationists’ Ideas such as Chaldean Babylonian Base 60 Number System Relates to 12 Winds Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings Same Root of Modern Nautical Mile Mapping by Timekeeping Basis of Zodiac Demarcations of 12 Signs by Precession of Constellations Rate of 72 Years per Degree Same Methodology for Hindu Yugas of Time from Precession Rate of the Earth’s Axis

    Veep selection Sarah Palin believes that the evidences about geological and biological history are open to scientific inquiry according to more than one approach, not just from the darwinian approach, but from the creationist model as well.  And much good research comes from the creationist model, such as the deduction that the design of the unverse, that the rate of precession is a base six number (72 years/degree), enabled the ancients to measure the earth by precession time, knowing that the earth’s axis would wobble once in 25,920 years, by which the science of geometry and cartography was birthed (see article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com).

    And using this method, the Chaldeans devised their base 60 number system, the root of the numerology for astrology, as well as, modern nautical mile mapping, based on 360 degrees to circle, which when divided into 25,920 equals equals 72, the rate of precession.  This timekeeping and number system was also the basis of ice age navigation, when they accurately charted the coastlines of the world, demonstrated with the “Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings,” medieval maps which were drawn from ancient 12 Winds Maps from the Ice Age, when the ancients measured east west distances by accurate timekeeking, not solar transit time, but precession time, measured with simple mechanical devices such as the “Celtic Cross,” the Antikythera Mechanism, and Maui’s Tanawa.

    This is material taught to creationists, not yet in public schools, but does it not make sense, and should be seen as a very viable explanation of the interrelationships of all those numbers from ancient history?  And consider that the ancient hindu vedic yugas of time are also base six denominated, as is the system of seconds and minutes to the hour for timekeeping, the same denomination in the numerology of astrology, the worship of the creation, not the creator.

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